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Sensory Rice Play
Kids Crate Sensory Rice
Sensory play kits components, slime making, aqua beads, sensory rice
Kids Crate Sensory Water Beads
Kids Crate Slime Making Kit
Kids Crate Slime Making Kit
Kids Crate Slime Making Kit
Kids Crate Slime making Kit

Sensory Play Kids Crate

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We know children LOVE and NEED sensory play.

This Kids Crate has 3 different sensory experiences for children to explore.

It includes Slime making materials, Aqua Beads and 4 cups of bright Sensory Rice.

You can choose the Sensory Rice colours your child will recieve.

  • Water and Beach themed play: Orange, Yellow and Blue Rice.
  • Forest, Park, Pond or Farm themed play: Blue and Green Rice.
  • Unicorn or Rainbow magical play: Pink, Purple and Light Blue Rice.

Easy to follow instructions are included.

When stored in an air tight, dry container, these materials can be used over and over again, providing hours of fun!