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Rainbow Sensory Rice Fun
Pirate Play in Sensory Rice

Sensory Rice

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Everyone loves running their fingers through wonderful, colourful Sensory Rice.  

This is the ultimate in dry sensory play. Pour your rice into a large dish, bowl, basin or even roasting dish and your kids will have a great time jiggling their fingers through it, hiding toys, making roads with their cars or pouring and measuring with spoons and anything they can find!  Best part - any spills are easily vacuumed!!

Create a Farm, Beach or Magical Fairy and Unicorn land. There's no limit to your childs imagination. 

Rice is sold in bags of approxiamately 590 grams = 3 cups of dry Sensory Rice. Rice will keep for a long time in a dry place or air tight container.

Please note: toy accessories in some photos not included.

 Individual Rice colour images coming soon  . . .