MINI Kids Crates being released this week!!!


What is Kids Crate?

Kids Crate is a New Zealand company, committed to delivering exciting activities to your door. We provide everything your child needs to encourage creativity and learning, through hands on exploration and play.

Each box contains 2-3 activities specifically designed to encourage the next level of development and thinking in your child.

Most importantly we want children to have FUN.

We are excited to be growing the line of core crates in the near future to include children specifically aged 9+

How are Kids Crates designed?

Julie the Founder of Kids Crate, is a Mum and former Primary School teacher with over 14 years’ teaching experience in the classroom.

Using both her extensive knowledge of child development and consulting with other educators and parents, ideas for the crates are tested and adapted, until we‘re happy we’ve got it just right for your child.

Every crate has been ‘Kid’ tested, to check it meets our high levels of engagement, play and creativity.

What crate should I choose?