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Farm Crate with Sensory Rice
Reversible Drawstring Farm Playmat
Kids Crate Threading Tractor
Kids Crate Threading Tractor
These Cute Pigs come with the Farm

Farm Crate Play | 3+

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Everything you need to create a cool Farm and get your little ones imagination going is provided.  

You'll receive Multiple pop sticks for fences or animal shelters. Wee Shrubs, insects, mini felt mats and of course the animals!

Each animal comes ready to piece together. Either store them built or break them down to practice those essential fine motor skills. When you're finished, the large reversible farm play mat, doubles as a handy drawstring bag to store the Farm in. 

Our Farm Crate Sensory Rice is perfect for little people to dip their hands into. They love feeling the rice trickle through their fingers and playing hide and seek with their animals in it.  The rice is also perfect for learning to measure and pour with wee spoons, cups and containers (not provided - anything in your kitchen draws with do!) For Mums the best part - any spills are easily swept or vacuumed up.

This Farm Crate also comes with our popular Threading Tractor. Another fabulous activity to develop fine motor skills and their concentration.


Reversible Drawstring bag/playmat 53cm across when open

4 cups of Sensory Rice

2 Cows, 2 pigs, 3 Sheep

Threading Tractor with a lace

Mini plants, popsticks, shells and glass stones 

3 various insects/frogs

Please note, exact colours and insects may differ slightly from those pictured.