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Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas Crate

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This is a stunning tree you won't mind those wee fingers pulling apart!

Our Kids Crate Felt Christmas Tree is a double layer of soft felt, sewn by hand especially for your child.

Your Christmas Tree comes with a range of cute decorations, including Santa and Rudolph! Our added pom poms to the decorations is an extra sensory delight for young hands. We also include bonus plain decorations & accessories, so your child can add their own touches to the felt ornaments making this tree extra special!

There are hours of fun when pulling the Gingerbread men off and on, and moving all of the soft decorations around.  


Please note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, some colours of decorations and pom poms may vary from those shown.

Tree measures approx 90cm high x 78cm wide